The Girl From Her Mirror




Author: Becki Willis
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Clear Creek Publishers
Publication Date: April 17, 2014
Paperback: 253 pages
ISBN: 9781500491376



Book summary:
A good deed gone dangerously wrong….
Kindred spirits Makenna Reagan and Kenzie Reese have been best friends since college. There is nothing one would not do for the other. So when a car wreck lands Kenzie in the hospital, Makenna agrees to pose as her friend on a photo assignment for Now Magazine. Skeptical at first, she is quickly enchanted by the beautiful White Mountains and the captivating man she meets on the plane. This crazy scheme just might work!

But impersonating her friend comes at a price. A car tries to run her off the road… a stranger delivers cryptic messages for ‘her father’… an armed assailant follows her. Almost kidnapped, Makenna realizes her dearest friend has dark secrets in her past. Long before learning of the Mafia’s involvement, Makenna knows they are both in serious trouble.

No one is who they claim to be — not Kenzie, not the handsome and charming Hardin Kaczmarek, not the odd couple who has befriended her, not even Makenna herself! Determined to protect her friend at all costs and get back home to Texas, Makenna knows trusting the wrong person could prove fatal.

Interwoven with mystery and intrigue, this powerful story of friendship, love, and belonging is the first book of the Mirrors Don’t Lie series.


I won this book in the goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

Makenna travels to New Hampshire for a photo assignment in the place of her best friend/ roommate Kenzie, who was just in a car crash. In order for this to happen,Makenna has to take the identity of Kenzie, which would not be that difficult since the two look like they could be related. Everything starts out well for Makenna. She makes it to the plane on time and meets handsome Hardin. But as soon as the plane lands and she starts heading to the hotel a car tries to run her off the road. Makenna does not think much of it later thinking she somehow angered the driver. The longer she is in New Hampshire more things start to happen. Another car tries to run her off the road, she receives a cryptic message from a stranger, and a person she thought could help her ends up not being trustful.

This book keeps you on your toes wondering what is going to happen next. The book made me want to go to New Hampshire and see the beauty it has to offer and at times I felt like I was there and can picture what everything looks like. The story is intriguing and pulls you right in. The characters are also interesting. Makenna has a secret; she is impersonating her friend Kenzie and cannot tell anyone. Hardin has a secret but you have to read the book to find out what it is and Lisa, a woman Makenna meets in New Hampshire, also has a secret.

I have to say I am glad I won this book because I would have passed this book over for another one and end up missing out on a great book to read. I enjoyed it so much that I am excited to get the second book to find out what happens next.


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