A Scandalous Rogue




Author: JanMarie Anello
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: JMA Books, LLC
Publication Date: October 6, 2014
Paperback: 396 pages
ISBN: 9780988550506



Book summary:

Bound by Scandal

Better a rich man’s doxy than a poor man’s wife…or so her father, a dissolute gambler, assures Olivia Hart on the evening he trades her virtue to a scandalous rogue as payment for his debts. Now Olivia’s only hope of salvaging her reputation and safeguarding her sister depends upon a too-handsome scoundrel whose every look, every touch, tempt her to toss aside honor and yield to her passions. She must not succumb…

Tempted by Love

A reclusive nobleman haunted by his past sins, Gabriel Townsend, Lord Beaudeville, wants no new gossip attached to his name as he escorts his sister through her season. When a seemingly random encounter throws a young lady of gentle birth in his path, Gabriel suspects a devious marriage trap. To divert this disaster, he must join forces with a woman he knows he should despise, even as she stirs his desire and awakens long-denied dreams…

As irresistible passion leads to love, a desperate enemy sets out to destroy them. Will they discover the truth behind the nefarious plot? Or will a new scandal prove the ruination of their fragile alliance?


I received this book through the goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. A Scandalous Rogue is an amazing story about two different people with similar situations in Regency England.
Olivia is a strong woman who has protected and cared for her sister since their mother died and their father turned to drinking and gambling. One night, Olivia’s father exchanges her virtue to a rogue in order to pay off his debts. Upon learning this Olivia goes to the home of the rogue in order to find a way to salvage her reputation. But what, or more likely who, she meets may change her fate forever whether or not it is for the best.

Gabriel, Lord Beaudeville, is a nobleman with what seems like bad luck. There is always some gossip about him that does not bode well to his character and many believe he is a scandalous rogue. After a rough night, remembering nothing of what happened, he finds a woman barging into his house giving him a tongue lashing about the trade he supposedly made the night before. Gabriel believes that this was some marriage trap set up for him and does everything he can in order for that to not happen.

This story is probably by far one of the better regency romance era stories that I have ever read. There are secrets that may shatter lives, a passion like no other, and anything can happen. But the question is who do you trust if you can’t trust anyone? Olivia and Gabriel are thrown in together by a secret that no one can ever find out unless they want to destroy their reputation along with their families. It could ruin them all. Can they trust each other to help fix the problem or will they end up ruining their lives by the scandal?

The only thing that bothered me was when I started to read the book I had a sense of déjà vu of having read the book already. After a few chapters though, it went away. So maybe there is a book out there with a similar story line or some other reason but beyond that nothing else really stuck out to me as being annoying or a down side to the story.

If you are a sucker for love stories set in Regency era, then I recommend this book to read. It is well written and at times it felt like I was there with everyone. I loved the characters and the personalities that brought the story to life.


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