The Journey of Maggie Misson




Author: Vernell Chapman
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Date: August 20, 2014
Paperback: 180 pages
ISBN: 9781495251269



Book summary:
Before she became the matriarch of the Misson family, Maggie was a normal young woman. She never imagined the twists and turns that her life would become. Her troubles began with the onset of civil war in Ireland. Her family was forced to flee their home. She and her older brothers boarded a vessel headed for Melbourne with hopes of a brighter future. Several weeks into their voyage however, their fortunes would take a turn for the very worst. Their vessel encountered rough waters and sank off the coast of Madagascar. Most of the crew was lost. Maggie’s brothers were among them leaving her completely alone. She and a few other survivors made it to the small island coast. Their hopes of Melbourne dashed away – they would have to forage out a new life with a mysterious group of islanders. But new dangers are afoot. Maggie soon learns that this beautiful island sanctuary is anything but!

This book was won through the goodreads giveaway. The Journey of Maggie Misson is a story about a young woman that survived a shipwreck. The few people that also survived were found by Chaunce who lives in a village called Seulmonde. The village has some secrets that are good and bad. Maggie has lost a lot in her life but can she find love and can she keep a secret from coming to light?

This book can easily be read in a day and it has a pretty good story line, but there was not much depth in the book or characters. Also, the title of the book gives the entire story away because you know what is going to happen in the end, at least with her love life. The thing that probably bugged me the most was that the book cover had a typo in her last name and the fact that there is an annoyingly large sticker trying to cover it just makes it more obvious. Then there are the characters, mainly Maggie.

Maggie is twenty two years old but acts like a little girl most of the time. Her brother’s die in the shipwreck and she doesn’t grieve for them. She mentions them and kind of seems sad but here comes Chaunce with his smile, so everything is alright in the world now. I wish the book told us a little more about Maggie before she boarded the ship and about the village she now resides in. Chaunce seems interesting but all we know is that he keeps look out at the watch towers and brings survivors of shipwrecks to the village.
This book was just not that interesting. Or at least when it almost got interesting it took a turn for the worst. I think the book wanted to go one direction but missed the mark. If you want to attempt reading this book you can, but I do not recommend it.


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