A Day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Recently I spent the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and what an amazing park! Out of the four parks at Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom is the one that many people forget about. It is a beautiful park that offers many things for people of all ages. So if you are visiting the Orlando area and want to check out the Disney parks do not forget about Animal Kingdom. Let me tell you about the fun and exciting day I had.

Before I start, do not forget that you can get fast passes. They can be obtained at the parks or at any Disney resort you might be staying at. The fast passes can come in handy if you are trying to get as much done as possible. I was able to get fast passes for Dinosaur, Everest, and Primeval Whirl.


  • Dinosaur– This is one of my favorite rides where you go back in time to save a dinosaur from becoming extinct. The ride is fast, dark, and full of excitement. You won’t believe all the different dinosaurs you will encounter. It is T-REXifying. Just know that this ride has a height limit of 40 inches to ride.
  • Expedition Everest– A journey up Mt. Everest on a fast flying coaster where you might encounter a Yeti. This ride is a lot of fun. Be prepared for a surprise halfway through the ride. This ride also has a height restriction, so make sure you are at least 44 inches.
    Primeval Whirl– Not a ride I usually go on but it was still fun. It is an outdoor time machine coaster where you spin, glide, and drop. Required Height is 48 inches.


Beside these three rides I also went on Kilimanjaro Safaris and Kali River Rapids. Kilimanjaro Safaris is one of the top attractions and my favorite ride at Animal Kingdom. It is a two week safari that feels like twenty minutes. It is a great way to see and learn about many animals living in Africa. Kali River Rapids is the ride for you water lovers. It is full of excitement and water. No one comes out dry.DSCN0737

The park also offers these amazing shows: Finding Nemo and The Festival of the Lion King. I did not watch these shows on this visit but I have seen them in the past and I must say for a park they are really good shows.

Since we are in Animal Kingdom I went to see the many animals found here. The park offers an animal guide that lists the animals and where you can find them. I find this very helpful especially if you are looking for certain animals. So first:

  • Pangani Forest Exploration Trail– This is where you are going to find Zebras, Meerkats, Gorillas, Colobus Monkeys, and many other species. The trail is about a twenty minute walking trail in Africa. You can find it by the exit of Kilimanjaro Safari and stroller parking area.
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek– This is a self guided walking trek in Southeast Asia. Some animals found in this area are Fruit Bats, Tigers, Eld’s Deer, Blackbucks, along with a few other animals.
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch– First you have to ride the Wildlife Express Train to get out to Rafiki’s. The train entrance is located in Africa. This is the area where you can learn more about the animals and their conservation. For the young kids and the young of heart that love animals there is an area outside where you can pet Sheep, Kunekune Pigs, a miniature Donkey, and any goats that might be out that day.
  • Oasis and Discovery Island– These walking trails throughout the park will allow you to encounter Otters, Lesser Flamingos, a giant Anteater, Wallaby, Storks, and many more.

Besides these exciting rides, shows, and trails do not forget to check out the many shops that offer unique items that can only be found at this park. Then when you are done shopping check out the many restaurants and quick service places that offer a variety of delicious food and drinks. You will not be able to resist the aroma coming from the restaurants. Their menus offer foods that are very unique for theme parks. For those that are 21 and older, check out the Dawa Bar in Africa for some unique and delicious drinks. I recommend the African Margarita but the Lost on Safari is also a good choice.

So have fun out there and do not be afraid to go a little wild!


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