Spring Break in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Starting the trip at 6:00 AM and driving straight to Hendersonville, North Carolina. Excited to be there and go hiking in the mountains or just being somewhere beautiful and lounging around the cabin. Right now no plans are set on what we are doing. I am driving up with my parents and then we are going to meet up with my aunt and uncle.  They will be joining us for our week long Easter vacation/ spring break. So I will break down everything on what we did during our time here.IMG_0449

Day 1

  • If you are one that has been on a family road trip, you might know that it requires you to wake up before the crows. With my family that is true. Luckily for me I was able to sleep in till 4am because my parents live a couple hours away and coming to pick me up. So 10 hours and 673 miles later, here I am in beautiful Hendersonville, North Carolina.
  • We rented the Cub Log Cabin through Mountain Lake Cottages. It is a two bed plus loft with three bathrooms. It is a cute and cozy cabin that comes with a washer/ dryer, hot tub (although I did not have time to enjoy), a fire pit, and everything you might need in the kitchen. For those that cannot live without a t.v. or wi-fi, do not fear because it is offered for you to use. The cabin already feels like a home and I loved all the little trinkets and decorations that made the cabin feel warm and welcoming. It is definitely going to be a great few days staying here.
  • Today was settling in day. We went to the Fresh Market and Ingles to get some food to eat for the week. Then we took a walk around the lake that is just a bit farther down the road. The only downside was that they were draining the lake but nonetheless it was still a nice walk. I could only imagine how this area would look with the lake completely filled but I think it would be beautiful. There were canoes and paddleboats that we could have used while staying in the Cub Lodge.

Day 2

A relaxing day hiking in the mountains.IMG_0481

  • We went to the Dupont State Forest. If you are ever in the area check it out. They have some great hiking spots in the area, also it seems that this is a great area to bike and ride your horses. We just hiked since we did not have any horses on us, plus if I was on a bike I would most likely find a way to hurt myself and the bike. Not on purpose, mind you. I am just not that great on a bike when there are tree roots sticking up out of the ground. I learned my lesson by flipping over my bike into the road where there was traffic, and the car was just sitting there. Yeeeah…….. I thought I would be able to get on the sidewalk that was an inch and half higher than the road while flying down a bridge. I thought wrong. So now I avoid riding a bike that is either not stationary or not guaranteed flat land. Maybe that will change in the future but for right now not so much.
  • Alright, rambling finished. Hiking! Dupont Sate Forest has some good trails. We did the Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, and High Falls. Beautiful waterfalls that I took many pictures of. For me waterfalls are breathtaking, even the little baby ones that you can find in streams. The walk itself was not too bad. Short, although it does require you to walk uphill. Spent a couple hours here before we ended up back at the cabin for dinner at some friends home.
  • I partly grew up in this area. When I was younger my parents split a cabin with my maternal grandparents, so I used to spend every summer here for a few weeks since I was five. We made some great friends out of one of our neighbors and have kept in touch with them when my parents had to sell the cabin over ten years ago. So here we are enjoying dinner with them along with a few others. It was enjoyable and good to be able to sit back and relax with great company. Also I tried deer for the first time. I did not know that the meatloaf had deer mixed in until later when my dad told me. But I sure did enjoy it. Always try something new!

Day 3

  • Spent the morning relaxing at the cabin and then walked around Downtown Hendersonville. There are so many cute shops and stores in the area. Bought a unique soap rock in one shop and then a knife sharpener at the Mast General Store.
  • Whittled some wood for a makeshift walking stick and now we have sticks to roast marshmallows.

Day 4

  • Back in Downtown Hendersonville for the amazing McFarlan’s Bakery. This is the place you want to go for amazing Cinnamon Buns, Sticky Buns, Apple Fritters, donuts, cookies, and so much more. No matter when you go everything tastes amazing, fluffy, and fresh. Never ate anything that I did not like. This is the highlight of my trip everytime I am in the area. Cannot go wrong at this delicious bakery.
  • Went on a hike through Dupont State Forest on a couple of different trails that were farther down the road than the first set we stopped at earlier. Saw some pretty lakes and waterfalls. One was where they filmed a scene from the Hunger Games when Katniss got burned and was washing it off in the water. So that was cool in seeing where they filmed part of a movie. The area out there is very peaceful and serene and it makes you want to stay there and enjoy what is around you.

    Where Katniss washed off her burns

    Where Katniss washed off her burns

  • After the hike went to have a late lunch in Brevard at The Falls Landing. The food was great and everyone enjoyed what they chose. I split a chicken wrap with my mother and I actually wish I got my own because it was that good. The food tasted fresh and the sauce in the wrap complimented the chicken and veggies. So you can expect me next time I am in the area and maybe I will be able to explore downtown Brevard.

Day 5

  • Because I did not have enough for one day, we went back to McFarlan’s for some more goodness. It is truly difficult to keep me away from this place.
  • Spent a few hours at Carl Sandburgs hanging out with the goats and looking at everything that was there. Met a friendly cat named Tiger. He was so sweet and soft and I wanted to take him home along with a baby goat that was born on Easter and just as adorable as it can be. But alas I couldn’t, so I made do by petting them and looking at a few of the other animals.
  • Had lunch at Hot Dog World and enjoyed a slaw dog. I was craving it all week so you can only imagine how I felt once I finally got my hands on one. Let me just say that the slaw dog did not last very long, but it sure was great. Once we had lunch we had to bid farewell to my Uncle and Aunt since they had to leave because of work.
  • Went on a hike through the Blue Ridge Mountains, at an area called Sleepy Gap. It was a great hike and we went during a time where you could see a town farther out because the trees are still getting over the Winter chill. We only lasted a few hours before we called it quits to head back to the car. But it is definitely something to check out and hike again.
  • We did not find any bears on this trip but we did drive past a white squirrel on our way down the mountain. Unfortunately we did not have time to take a picture but we were all able to see it after my mom stopped the car. This has been the second time to see one but it was the first for my Uncle who was the one that spotted it. Besides that nothing too exciting happened but I definitely got in some great hikes.North Carolina

Day 6

Sadly had to wake up early. 2am early. And leave the cabin to head back home. It is always sad to leave here but I know that it will not be the last time and hopefully I will be back in the area sooner rather than later.

Until next time…


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