Would Be Wilderness Wife

Would Be Wilderness Wife

Author: Regina Scott
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Love Inspired
Publication Date: March 1, 2015
Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN: 9780373283026

Book summary:

Drew Wallin’s youngest brother is determined to see him married–so he kidnaps Drew a prospective bride. Not only is Catherine Stanway beautiful, but she’s a nurse who can help their ailing mother. Drew doesn’t have time for distractions–he’s too busy watching over his fatherless siblings. Yet he’s drawn to this woman who carries loss and pain equal to his own.

Catherine has traveled West to use her nursing skills to save lives, not to find a husband. She knows if she gives in to Drew’s matchmaking family, she’ll be risking her already bruised heart. But maybe it’s time she takes the ultimate risk to win the groom she didn’t know she wanted!


My goodness! Finished the book in one day. I thought it was going to last me at least until the beginning of the second day but as soon as I picked it up I could not put it back down. I was even reading the book while making myself lunch and dinner. There is always something about love stories and the wilderness that I have always enjoyed.

So it is not a traditional love story, on the account that Drew’s brother kidnaps Catherine. Drew’s mother has been sick for a couple of weeks and in desperate need of a doctor. But when he set’s eyes on Catherine he does not want her help because he believes that she would be more of a distraction rather than help. Thanks to Drew’s brother, Catherine was kidnapped but hopefully she will forgive the young boy and be able to help their mother.

Catherine was brave to leave her life behind and come out West to pursue a life helping others. Her father was a doctor and taught Catherine everything that she now knows and she does whatever she can to help those that are in need and sick. As much as she has grown to care for the Wallin’s she cannot let go of her heart and risk it getting hurt. Drew, on the other hand, has done everything he can to protect his family and provide them with everything that they need. It is as if he carries the world on his shoulders and he does not have time to worry about one more person. Drew has a big heart and is very hardworking.  You can see the love that envelopes his family.

Be prepared for adventure because there is a lot to go around. There is a bit of a mystery and a romance that two people are fighting against (I mean she was kidnapped after all). So if you want to find out what will happen then you are going to have to pick this book up and read it.

Be prepared to not put this book down and if you do, then be prepared to subconsciously keep on thinking about it. This is the second book of the Frontier Bachelors and I am hoping that more will come along. So in the meantime I will have to go and read the first book.

Special thanks in winning this book through goodreads giveaway!


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