Baby Hiatus

Hey everyone! It is me, I am still alive even though I have not posted anything recently. I have been extremely busy with applying for new jobs, getting ready to go on a cruise, and working like crazy. On the new job side of my life I have been invited to a training program with an airline to become a flight attendant. All I have to do is pass everything and survive for four weeks. So you know what that means…. I will be going crazy mad scientist with not reading any of my books and trying to remember everything I learn during training. But oh well, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make to get the job I really want and to be able to fly all over the world.

Instead of boring you with my nonsense I figured I will pull that New Year’s list out of my fun pile of papers and see how I have done so far. So here it goes, after six months this is what I have achieved.

1. Lose weight- still working on it. Lost ten pounds but I am gaining it back from stress eating because people have an extremely hard time in communicating. Mainly from work and new job.

2. Go somewhere on holidayNC and Alaskan cruise– Yep!!! Spent spring break in North Carolina and leaving in a couple of days for the cruise. Last vacation before I lose all freedom.

3. Take a dance class- Not yet but I still have six more months

4. Something fun- Parasailing, paragliding, hot air balloon, jumping out of a plane, or anything that is new and exciting. Nope…

5. Paddle boarding. ..Nope…

6. Quit my job. …And Nope. But that is only because I like the benefits and mainly just as a back up incase my new job is not for me.

7. Apply for jobs. Succeeded. Training begins in a couple of weeks!

8. Who Knows- Brews around the zoo. Let me tell you. If you like beer/ cider and the zoo, then you have to go to one if your local zoo offers something like this. I loved it and got to see some otters playing in the water at night.

9. Move out. Yessirree. And will be moving shortly after training is over.

10. Learn something- play poker or play the guitar. Archery- Not yet but I learned that I am screwed when it comes to playing scene it. You do not want me on your team

So that is it so far. I think I did extremely well and mainly succeeded on the bigger ones that I cared more about. So have any of you succeeded on your New Years resolutions so far? Hopefully you have, otherwise it is never too late and you can start whenever it feels right to you. If that happens to be today then great, but if you are leaning towards the end where you doubt you will attempt it then maybe you should edit it to where you will fulfill your wishes. But always remember that this is your life and you need to live it and enjoy every minute that you have.

So here is goodbye for now. I will be back soon with new posts and maybe talk about my new job and about the different places I get to visit. But we shall have to wait and see. I don’t have my dream job until I pass the training. So wish me luck and I will talk you all soon.


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