Chaos and Moonlight

Chaos and Moonlight

Author: A.D. Marrow
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampire
Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital
Publication Date: May 6, 2015
Ebook: 323 pages
ISBN: 9781633700536

Book summary:

The Nines, an elite group of vampires, was established to stand as protection for their race. Fractured by centuries of betrayal and loss, the group is now little more than myth, its remaining members scarred and shattered.

Taris, the oldest living vampire, is no stranger to loss and heartbreak. He is all that holds the Nines together as they struggle to save themselves from total extinction.

Enter the beautiful and briliant Dr. Sarah Bridgeman, whose medical research has resulted in a breakthrough for both humans and vampires. Her work may be the salvation this weary band of guardians has been looking for.

Taris needs to reach Sarah and enlist her help—before those aligned against him can act. Can a vampire king convince a stunning young scientist to save a species that isn’t even supposed to exist?

For now, only one thing is certain: no science can explain the explosive chemistry between them.


For someone that does not care too much about Vampire books, I quite enjoyed reading this one. There is action and blood, love and unexpected romance, and a hint of mystery.

Chaos and Moonlight is the first book in the Order of Nines series. It is about a Vampire race that is dying because of their blood. They cannot create new vampires or give birth. For hundreds of years they have tried to solve this situation with no luck, until Dr. Sarah Bridgeman. Sarah is a Medical researcher along with her partner Nick. Because of a latest development Sarah was on a talk show talking about it, which alerted some good and bad vampires that she could probably save their race.

This book centers around Taris, the leader of sorts for the Nines, and Dr Sarah Bridgeman. You can feel their connection from a mile away and of course you know what that means, they fight it. But as the night gets crazier they realize that they cannot fight it any more. But unfortunately for them there is still a group of bad vampires, which one happens to be Taris’ brother and the other, his wife.

So get ready to read a book full of action because the train never slows down.
I would like to thank Netgalley for giving me this opportunity to read a great Vampire book. I really enjoyed it.


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