Lost December

Lost December

Author: Richard Paul Evans
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: October 4, 2011
Hardcover: 346 pages
ISBN: 1451628005

Book summary:
“It has been said that sometimes the greatest hope in our lives is just a second chance to do what we should have done right in the first place. This is the story of my second chance.” —Prologue of Lost December

When Luke Crisp graduates from business school, his father, CEO and co-founder of Fortune 500 Company Crisp’s Copy Centers, is ready to share some good news: he wants to turn the family business over to his son. But Luke has other plans. Taking control of his trust fund, Luke leaves home to pursue a life of reckless indulgence.

But when his funds run out, so do his friends. Humbled, alone, and too ashamed to ask his father for help, Luke secretly takes a lowly job at one of his father’s copy centers. There he falls in love with a struggling single mother and begins to understand the greatest source of personal joy.

This book is about a young man, Luke Crisp, who is a hard worker and knows everything about working at his father’s copy centers. Then one evening his father told him he wanted Luke to get his Master’s degree. Once Luke is back at school he starts hanging out with a group of students. Unfortunately for Luke some of them are nothing more but users and he does not find that out until it is too late. As soon as they all graduated with their Master’s they decide to go on a trip to Europe to “live their lives.” What Luke thought was an amazing trip turns into the worst decision he has ever made.

This story is inspirational and shows us that certain decisions we make can ruin our lives. Some suffer and others find a way to turn their life around. Once you hit bottom, there is nowhere else to go but up. It is your choice on whether you work hard to find your way out of the pit or just get buried. Luckily for Luke, he grew up as a hard worker and was very smart and received a Master’s degree, thanks to his father. At the same time he was stupid when it came to the friends he has chosen that helped him get into the pit in the first place.

I really enjoyed this book and it made me realize that it is okay to have someone there to help us along the way and lead us back on the right path. Sometimes we cannot do everything on our own and need that little nudge. Some people are lucky to have that person but others do not have someone to help and that is when we need to step up and nudge ourselves to take that first step. We have to be strong and learn from our mistakes. If we do not learn then we are guarantee to keep making the same mistakes.

If you are in between jobs, got fired, or having the worst day of your life I recommend you read this book. It could help you realize that there is something great out there in the world but you have to first do something to improve your life. Nothing comes easy to us but the best rewards come from the worst situation you might have to deal with.

This is one of the many quotes in the story and I believe that this has the most to tell us. “My father once said, ‘The warrior who goes off to battle should not boast as the one who returns from it.’ I realize now that I have only to boast of good people who held my shield when my arms were too weak, and lifted me up when I was too tired to stand on my own.” – Luke Crisp’s Diary


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