While sitting at the airport waiting to see if I get a trip somewhere, I decide that pinterest is the place to visit. Also because I needed a break after reading a book for over two hours. So I love looking at the quotes and different travel spots around the world and found this, which I agree wholeheartedly.

Take Vacations

Take as many vacations as you can. Visit destinations you have been dreaming of, either by yourself or with friends and family. You can always find a way to make some money but just don’t let that get in your way. Memories are the greatest gift that has been given to us. You have to go out there and make some. Pretty simple. So don’t let life fly on by, grab it with both hands and take control.

I think this is extremely important for us to do because if we don’t, we will regret not creating more memories. You do not necessary have to take a physical vacation, even mental vacations are just as great. Go to the beach or a park and read a book; maybe go out to dinner and get drinks with friends; maybe go to the movies, paint a picture, or start a garden. Even these small simple things can become great memories. Anything can happen. Meet new people, try something new and exciting. The sky is the limit if you allow yourself to discover this.

I have regret many of my actions and choices in life but it has gotten me to where I believe I am suppose to be. It has opened my eyes to how short life is and how I do not want to waste it on being afraid of trying new things and taking those vacations, either physical or mental. Granted, I would love to travel around the world and experience life by immersing myself into the different cultures and the histories that they offer. So go out there and do something. You do not want to look back at your life and regret not taking those vacations.

So I say, Take vacations and go to as many places that you want to go to because you can always make money but you can’t always make memories.

So decide what is more important to you. Making money or making memories. Hopefully for the lucky few, you can find the balance between the two.


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