How to Deal with Low Self-Esteem


Author: Christine Wilding
Genre: Psychology
Publisher: Teach Yourself
Publication Date: November 17, 2015
Paperback: 256 pages
ISBN: 9781473600454

Book summary:

Everyone can identify with feelings of uncertainty. To worry about our status in the world and to fear that we are not living up to our potential is a common and understandable concern. But when our self-esteem becomes low our our estimation of ourselves becomes over-critical, it is all too common to let negative feelings become a burden. If this sound familiar to you, this book will provide you with practical help to deal with and overcome the problem.

By picking this book up you?ve taken the first stride. Now, using the STEP system – a structured, CBT-based approach that delivers both support and proven techniques for defeating low self-esteem – you can begin to transform your daily life. Written by an expert author with many years of clinical experience, this book will help you get a better understanding of your sense of self, tackle negative thoughts and behaviour, and progress to a healthier, happier outlook – without fear of setbacks or relapse


So how do you deal with low self- esteem? Most of us humans out there deal with some level of low self-esteem. The first step to take is to get this book, read it, and make sure to be honest with yourself when working on the tasks in this book. This book has five steps for you to follow. Easy, right! Yes, if you take your time and follow through with everything.

One thing that stuck to me was in chapter three where the author talks about perfection, she writes down “perfectionism= setting yourself up for failure”. It really does. Perfectionism is different for everyone, yet it is also the same. If we strive for what we believe is perfect we will never be happy with ourselves and our already low self-esteem will just get worse until we cannot even recognize ourselves. In the fourth part of the book it is all about practicing. Be assertive and emitting that positive energy about ourselves. We have to accept that we will never be perfect. But you know what, perfect is boring. So why do we do this to ourselves? That is a question only you can answer.

When I first requested this book to read, I had low expectations thinking it is going to be like other books that just talk about low self-esteem but does not help you in dealing with it. But when I started to read it and answered the questions in the first task, I realized this book could actually help me. I know my low self-esteem won’t fix itself overnight but this book has actually helped me to improve in that department. I have not completed the book yet because I do not want to rush through it. That would help not me in the slightest. But I have already noticed a difference in myself and coming to terms with my flaws. I have accepted I will never be perfect and I realized that I am happier with myself, flaws and all.

For those of you suffering from low self-esteem give this book a try before you scoff at it. Maybe it will help you too. I am extremely grateful that goodreads gave me a chance in reading this book. I have definitely noticed a difference and I hope that you do as well.


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