Hello! I am Amanda. I am an everyday run of the mill boring person. I have a reading addiction so this blog will be full of book reviews with the occasional random things (that obvious will have nothing to do with books) when I feel like exposing the world of my awesomeness (LOL).

So a few things about me. I love animals and hopefully one day I will be able to work with or foster animals such as lions, tigers, and….. wolves! I bet most of you were ready to say bears which I also would love to foster. Besides animals I love to travel anywhere and everywhere. Hopefully by this time next year I will be backpacking in Europe or Asia.
I am a college graduate with a Hospitality Management degree and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. So if anyone has any suggestions throw them my way, I would love to hear them.

For the moment that is all I am going to say about myself. Not much about me really. Like I said I am pretty boring but also can be fun and exciting. I am a walking contradiction of myself. To be honest my personality changes with how I feel, who I am hanging out with, and other random variables of life. So I hope you enjoy my blog!

Now short and sweet here is how I decided my blog name:
A Potpourri of Life
Potpourri (poh-poo-ree)
A few definitions I got from the dictionary:
a mixture of dried petals of roses or other flowers with spices, used for their fragrance.
a musical medley.
a collection of miscellaneous literary extracts.
any mixture, especially of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.

This is exactly what my blog will become. A mixture of everything in life. Books I read, performances I attend (theater, ballet, symphonies), places I travel, and other random things that come up as time goes on. So stay tuned and lets see what life has to offer for us and hope you will enjoy my blog as it grows and becomes something unique and incredible. For now that is it. See you all later.

Over and out.


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